The 411 On Me

So who are you?

I’m Shanae aka Suga Hill and The Single Southern Mommy, 31, Born and raised in NC and the youngest of 5 kids. I’ve been through so much in my life and I’m blessed to still be here. So let me just be straight forward… I’ve been in jail numerous times and just stayed in trouble. I lost my first child “Tyler” he was 1 month but one year later I had a beautiful little lady “Melah” and I really seen what life was all about. I realized I wanted more for her so I had to want more out of my life to be a good mom. Being ashamed of my past was very normal to me and harmful. I’ve learned to embrace those hard times because it put me right here right now. This is where I was meant to be but I had to take that path to appreciate it.

What is “Single Southern Mommy” all about?

My life up close and personal. My ramblings may be a little on the raw side at times or perhaps meaningless to some but if I have at least one person that has been in my position at once or is there or can relate I’m good. I can honestly say that my blog is no where near great but it’s true and dear to my heart because it speaks when I can’t whisper a single word. It’s about me and my daughter and my dating issues and family,drama and the so on……….. I hope to look back on my blog and see the growth of my life and writing.


One thing you want to tell your readers?

Be inspired,Motivated,Unique and Unstoppable. This is what I live by.

If you would like to be an guest on my show or blog contact me.

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