3 years in July

I’ll never forget it….

July 30 At 10:01am You inboxed me..

I think your so fine, I said thank you. I was smiling so hard. You never knew I was crushing on you for so long.

I’ll never forget it….

I heard so many rumors about you, But you dismissed them. You assured me it was all behind you. I know everybody has a past so I dismissed it too. I felt like this was my chance to really get to know YOU and not who they say you are and what you DO.

I’ll never forget it…..

The first time we met, So nervous to be face too face how we live in the same little city and never been face to face. Crazy good convos and soft touches and smiles. I was hooked on yours words just like that.

I’ll never forget it…..

Time went by and things changed we made a baby, That never seen the world and I watched you welcome a baby from another girl. But that was before me so I didn’t trip. I didn’t say it didn’t hurt I just didn’t trip.

I’ll never forget it….

Open conversations turned into one worded text, Late night talks turned into just fucking late night’s. No more “Good Morning” text I barely heard from you.

I’ll never forget…when I found out where you really lived and you were with another girl and not even the one you were living with….I confronted YOU.  But you dismissed it, you changed you became distance. But I loved you… I loved YOU so I dismissed it too.

When people say time flies you better believe it. I was holding on to the man I met years ago. I was praying he would come back. I settled for what he gave me. I would say I’m done but never meant it. I didn’t want to be done I just wanted us back.

Everything I did or every man I tired to move on with always made me come back to you.

It’ll be 3 years this July and yesterday  on May 14 I finally said my last Good Bye

I’ll never forget it and I’ll never forget you, sometimes letting go can mean I love you too.


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