When all else fails

Trying over and over, Changing words and voice tones, Approaching them differently, Turning a blind eye to all their wrongs that hurt you, Making excuses for them hurting you to friends and family.  Making excuses for those days and nights they weren’t there for you. The funny thing about loving someone that brings you so much pain and joy is that we hold on to those moments of joy, We see that happiness they bring at times. Because if you attempt to see and accept that pain that comes more often than those smiles you’ll have to question why you’re still there, hanging on, praying for better days. Notice YOU are trying to make things work, YOU are holding on. When it should be “US” One person cant make a relationship work on there own. I know all to well how this feels. When all else fails make the choice that you can look yourself in the face and know it was the best decision.  Choose Happiness when all else fails


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