When Love Isnt Enough

imagesloveI’ve watched people fall in and out of love. The worse way to display your hurt from a person you love is publically. We all know when things go bad between you and someone you put time and effort into. Your first instinct is to fly off the handle. Run to social media CALL THEM OUT!! You want to the whole world to know. It’s hard to filter your feelings when you’re hurting. But it’s so important to step back and take time to yourself, THINK. Did you know people feed off of others misery and pain? Did you know that once you show that side of you people will connect and view you as that person. Care about how you present yourself. Everybody doesn’t care about you even so called friends so you better care.

No words can describe the pain of loving someone so much and their love for you doesn’t match up or compare to yours. You can give them the world but trust me you cant make anyone treat you better, It’s their choice, and defending their actions when you know they’re wrong is only setting yourself up to be hurt again. You’re literally giving them the green light to continue and do you wrong. No one respects a person that will let THEM continually cheat, lie and hurt them. Let that sink it. Love is one thing but RESPECT is a whole other level. Love doesn’t equal respect. They can love you but have no respect for you. Love you but will lie to you. It’s levels to it.   Now if you want to stay with them regardless of how they treat you fine but you cant complain because that’s what you want….right? You’ll Confront the people their cheating with but you wont take a stand and demand the person you made a commitment with to get it together or move on.

Love will turn the most sane person crazy, I’ve been there. It’s hard to move on when you  feel you’ve been through so much and you invested so much time or you have kids together.. etc.  If you think hard about what you feel you deserve as a matter of fact write it down and look at the person that you’re fighting for, Are they giving you what you deserve?? Are you happy with this person or just cant stand the thought of having a empty bed. Think about it….


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