My Small City/Town Complex


I’m from a very small town called Badin located in NC and I live in a small city called Albemarle. The kind of place where everyone knows everybody or related to them lol Their are some perks to small city living such as low crime rate and trust it doesn’t take long to find out what they did in the newspaper right in the “Blotter” section. Traffic isn’t bad unless you’re trying to get to Wal-Mart on Friday then you’re screwed. The down side is people are so nosey and not the regular nosey I mean the “I’m bored so let me see what other people got going on” nosey. It’s doesn’t take long to find out who’s doing who and what and with social media so popular it spreads  like wild fire.

I have a love/hate for it, I love the fact I see my classmates out and about but some I see some aren’t doing well so it hurts a little. I love the fact my daughter isn’t growing up around drugs and gunshots around her, but I wonder what will life be like for her when she ventures outside of this small city world. I love to see her classmates are my classmates kids I cant describe what that feels like. But the way the world is now I wonder how many of her classmates will make it through with her. I pray for better times with the upcoming generation. I hate the fact that being in a relationship where more than likely the person your with has been with at least two to three people in a room or have kids by them. It’s rough but entertaining also, imagine watching people that have slept with each others man and fought and blast each other on Facebook sit and take selfies together and call each other boo and bae. Imagine seeing men hanging out with the same dudes that shot their family member or close friend. That’s small town living for you, it’s bittersweet but in a place where you cant hold a grudge because families grew up together and known each other to long. In a big city their wouldn’t be any of this that’s a fact.

Life is what you make it whether in a small city or major city you  determine what kind of life you choose to live. I like to think I’m a small town woman with big city dreams. I can do what I do anywhere but if I couldn’t do it here first I shouldn’t do it anywhere else. I love to hate it and I hate that I love it.


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