Complicated Love

{{{“I’ve been going through something’s in the “Love” department. I’ve been running my business and trying to do the Mommy thing and balance my love life. So if you don’t mind here’s a short poem to express these feelings}imagesFSGW4ZRW

I don’t wanna let go and you know this. You don’t wanna  let go and I know this. So many situations in our lives has made it hard for us to even entertain a “Us” life. But I value having you in my life even thou it’s no the way I want you in my life. I miss smelling you and being near you, You don’t even have to touch me and I can feel you all over me. Pacing myself trying to play it cool I just want you no one else just you. So complicated and misunderstood but I get it I get you. This complicated love isn’t for anyone to understand but me and you.


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