Perfectly Imperfect By Fat Man Poet

Perfectly Imperfect
By chance at first glance
Your appearance so fine you are divine
You cause my nature to erect
You are Perfectly ImpeRfecT!Impatient maybe
You are a must see
Your man you never neglect
You are Perfectly ImpeRfecT!With you there is no reason to fear
You are always here
Never are you an object
You are Perfectly ImpeRfecT!

Silky hair with a nice complexion
showering me with all your affection
You are someone I could never reject
Mrs. Perfectly ImpeRfecT

If in my eve I shall dine alone,

I will take time to reflect on our past in our home.
You were, are and will always be…
My short, tall, skinny or fat…
My big, little…
Mrs. Perfectly ImpeRfecT
You can find more wonderful poems from Ulysses a.k.a The Fat Poet on his facebook page Fat Man Poet

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