How do you measure success?

Success   Everyone measure success differently, Some look at money and high priced things as being successful. I for one  look at success the same way I look at my blessings. To me they go hand and hand.

From waking up in the morning to putting a smile on someones face, laying down at night grateful that I was able to be productive. Doing things that I enjoy and having the luxury to get paid for is wonderful, Don’t get me wrong it’s great to have money but to me that doesn’t equal success.

I had a social media friend to tell me that I should be more successful and I’m just not tapping in to all my potential. I truly use to believe that also, but I wasn’t looking at the bigger picture. I told her that of course in her eyes I wasn’t where I should be, But the truth is my  life and what I do each day doesn’t revolve around meeting anyone on this Earth’s expectations. I know she just wanted to help but it’s good to ask someone are they happy first.

I use to look around and see others seem to past me by, I struggled to find my own lane. Yes at any age you will still look to be accepted by your peers. It’s normal.

So I’ve learned to love and be grateful for all my successes and blessings because they are for me, and so are yours.

I would love some feedback 🙂 How do you measure your success?




4 thoughts on “How do you measure success?

  1. Well said! After following the Joneses and looking @ how much one gets paid, it come back down to how happy you are! Thanks for the posting! I’d love to invite you to a blog hop I’m hosting called the SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party. Please share this post there. I think may would love it! Have an awesome weekend!

    The Wondering Brain

    1. Thank you 🙂 I totally agree, Focusing on the means is a great motto for me, Some people get frustrated with the numbers…”Likes” and “Retweets” etc, You have to look beyond that.

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