A Dose of FriendShip by Vonda G. Nelson

Friendships Nutshell Book Cover

Dear Friend……Your friendship is endless. It’s been a carefree adventure that’s given me the opportunity to accrue many things. Amazing things like kinship, which by the way came with irreplaceable incentives. This experience has not only cared for me but has made me strong….it’s given me an abundance of energy to do all that I must in the name of consistency and trust.

The saying goes, “A friend sticketh closer than a brother”…. and your level of friendship has not only raised the bar, but has taken the meaning of this saying further. You are my driving force, your unique blend of expression on one hand is productive and on the other hand tempting. You possess those element that inspire my desires and after it’s all been said and done, set my soul on fire.

When you smile my confidence is no longer needed, neither relevant because I’m reminded that the company that I’m in is an extension of myself . At times when I may not deserve it, you’ve remained by my side…..which made me realize you care! You’ve proven to be more than a friend because you’re always there. What I’m about to say may sound strange……..but even though all of the above that you do amazes me. Nothing make me more secure than the thought of knowing you will not be the one that will purposely hurt me.

“Friendships Nutshell” is a book  by my girl Vonda G. Nelson. Check out her page at Friendship Nutshell  She is very talented and crazy deep. She keeps it real and that’s what the world is lacking the most.

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One thought on “A Dose of FriendShip by Vonda G. Nelson

  1. Thanks for posting this. After reading this I’m reminded of a dear friend that’s no longer here physically, but I know that her spirit remained with me. Nothing makes me feel good and whole hearted like being in the company of friends. I miss seeing her dearly, my friend and sister Janet Brown

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