Stress I’m done with you

It’s one thing to have your own stress but it’s another to take on others stress.  My mind, body and soul has suffered from the stress that I carry. I know I cant continue to grow with this mess in my life.

So let me start like a A&E intervention: (One of my Fav. shows by the way)    

Dear Stress,

Your presence in my life as affected me in the following ways:

-When I can’t face the things you put me through I try to eat the hurt and pain away that you cause, What good is working out if every time you pop up I’m eating anything in site.

-I doubt myself and my ability to do what I know I do best.

-When you come in the form of putting others needs before mines I feel that maybe I’m just living to please others and my happiness doesn’t matter.

-Stress you have the biggest affect on my body, I have boils that hurt me so bad under my arms and ulcers that upset my stomach when you refuse to leave.

-My patience is so thin with my child at times because you’ve worried me all day. Its not fair to her that I let you get in the way of our relationship.

Stress I know there will be times you will be around and I will have to deal with you but I know that I put you more in my life than I need to. So I have to let you go.

No more taking one others people stress when I’m working to deal with mines. The wear and tear on my one and only body  has to stop. The blowing up at my daughter because of the stress she had nothing to do with has to stop.

I know it’s easier said than done to get you out my life but it’s a challenge I’m up for.

Hell go bother some one of my ex’s  Lol  Deuces

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