The “Other Woman” Syndrome

So let me just put it on the table I’ve come to terms with the fact I’ve    done some low-down,crazy,stupid and immature things in my life. I   will be the first to admit that and the first to say that all thou I’m not proud, I’m also not ashamed. So with that said…………

I’ve been the other woman knowingly and unknowingly and in some cases if I found out I still continued with it. This was a pattern  that I seemed to fall into over and over. There were times that I felt I wasn’t good enough to even be the “only” one so settling for the side chic was not an issue. Being a single mother was like an invitation for men who were married or in long term relationships.  It was like holding a sign       “MEN: I’m so lonely I will entertain your BS” I played into the lies they would tell me. “I really want to be with you” “I’m not happy with her”  “I Love you girl” and boo boo this and that.

I would melt like butter to those lies, I just wanted some kind of affection, someone to want me. I didnt think highly of myself at all and for me the thought of a man wanting me and the fact he had a woman was a ego boost. My behavior was foolish and reckless and I was completely naive. It took alot of heartaches and pain and some major soul searching to find my self respect my self love the joy being single and happy with myself.

So why tell you this?

Well I’m looking for a few bold women or someone you know that aren’t afraid to tell about the role they played as the “other woman”

I want to know your story for an upcoming project I’m working on, What did you learn from it? What made you stop? etc

Serious Inquires Only Please!

Email me with the Subject “Other Woman” at SingleSouthernMommy@gmail

Thanks!! comment and share 🙂

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7 thoughts on “The “Other Woman” Syndrome

    1. Thank you so much for responding MzDeeva I really appreciate it, been on vacation. But I got a few hate emails behind this post lol but I pride myself on being honest period especially this subject.

  1. hi, i’ve been the other women before. Willingly for 5 years with a married man and I came out with 2 kids. 2 lovely boys. The relationship didn’t last beyond the second born. Silly me i jumped straight into another one. This guy and I have been together for almost 3 years and still going. He’s not married and he fed me the ‘relationship not going well’ story. I fell for it hook, lie and sinker. I’ve threatened to leave many times but I don’t really have the will power. I’m writing this is tears right now cos i have grown to love him and need him for his strength and support. My kids don’t know their father, they know him and they too are fond of him. I’m in too deep but the relationship he is in is killing me inside. They’ve been together for 6 plus years and looks like they r stil going, on my clock. I don’t know how and I don’t know when but i need to break this chain…cos the deeper i go and the more i love only makes my bruise bigger and deeper. Bad love is like a bad drug. Easy to hook, hard to leave

    1. I totally agree, its so easy to get hook. I can feel there hurt in your words. Do what you know is best for you and your kid. You are deserving of a man that is truthful and respects you. I thank you so much for sharing. Please keep me posted and take care.

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