Another child on board…I’m not to Happy







So my daughters dad told me a few months ago about him and a woman that he was having “relations” with and how she tracked him down to tell him she was pregnant. I’m like are you serious! Of course he had all the basic excuses…The time doesn’t add up and I dont think it’s mines,she’s crazy..quack,quack,quack. Ok you had sex with her obviously with no protection so the chance is there. Maybe if you wrapped the worm up HA HA “worm” you could have a thing or two to say or how about if you just didn’t have sex at all.

Not to mention he’s married and hey I could deal better with the news if it was his wife that was pregnant. So I was left trying to get my mind prepared for it, you see my daughter is his only child and she’s 7. Were just getting to a  better point, no it’s not where it needs to be but it’s better. So what will happen if it is his, I’m a little stressed about.



Fast Forward to last month:

This woman had her child early. A Boy yes this will be his son “Possibly”. I would be lying if I say I wasn’t pressed about it.  So when he called to tell me I couldn’t hide it. I was mad that he could be so careless and to be honest I was very comfortable with the fact that I had his child and no one else. I know it’s selfish and I shouldn’t feel this way but I did. He knows for a fact that he barely sees or does for our daughter so why take that chance. My words turned into tears and my tears turned into anger. Where were all these emotions coming from? Do I still want this man? Hell No!

It’s very confusing and frustrating to have all of the feelings I buried to come back at a blink of an eye. He hurt me so many years ago and in my mind that was the past and there was no going back to that point in my life. But no one knows what can tigger a memory good or bad and I got a huge sucker punch with that.

A DNA test is suppose to be next and take it from there. Am I wrong to hope that it isn’t his? I know it’s not the child’s fault and if it his child then I will just suck it up,  and make sure my daughter doesnt get left behind anymore than she has with him and help her to build a relationship with hmmm her brother. Its strange to say it.

Let me know: Have you or someone you know been in this situation? How did or would you handle it?

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5 thoughts on “Another child on board…I’m not to Happy

  1. Honey…my boys dad has two children by two different women. He cheated on me both times at the beginning of our relationship and again at the end. I got sucker punched because I didn’t find out about them until well after they were here…and not because he was honest about it. As we speak he has 4 boys…ages 6,5,and two 4 yr olds. I can’t say that I encourage any relationship with my boys and those other boys. I just dont care. And i think at this age half-brothers and faking smiles with women I dont’ want to be friends with is necessary. The extreme emotions are understandable. Especially when you have a slighted child by him…it would be such a slap in the face if he decided to be a father to this “son” when is daughter is starving for affection. The best advice I can give is what worked for me…PRAY…It seems so simple but it took months of prayers…angry prayers, tearful prayers, mean prayers and finally peace and acceptance came to me. I still have moments of anger and disbelief but…one day it will be easier. Best wishes!!!

    1. Wow Dani, That is beyond a hard pill to swallow, when you go through things like that it makes you stronger and yes praying is a huge part of getting past this for me. Thank you so much it’s great to know someone can relate to what you’re going through

      1. I pondered about that to for a long time. I had to come to terms a long time ago that the closure I wanted wasn’t realistic. My feelings for being with him are long gone. I want him to become more involved in our daughters life. If we didn’t have a child I really wouldn’t care.

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