It’s been awhile I know: Lets Recap on…








Getting Back on Track:

So many things have been going on in my life physically and mentally that I really dont know where to began. I can honestly say that I allowed others to invade space in my life that truly did not deserve it.  We all know at least one person that has a way of wasting your time. People like that can only do what you allow them to do and that has been a major issue for me. I got so off track that I neglected things in my life that are important and should be my main priority, such as my daughter,my health,blog and business ventures. So it’s time to stop the madness and get back to doing what I love and let the BS go. I’m learning myself more and more each day. There are times that I thought for sure that I would break and go crazy but somewhere in me I maintained and could smile work pass it.  I’m finding the true value in me and that’s hard when you are so use to finding a way to devalue yourself.


Let me be frank. I LOVE MEN! Really, I love talking to men,flirting with men,hanging out with men……. Its a weakness also because I can get so tangled up with a man and wanting it to lead to something more that I lose myself.  This is another “learning me moment” that I’m happy to acknowledge. Knowing is half the battle and doing something about will help you to win it. My men issues are a huge experience that I welcome on my own terms. I’m dating and talking to a few and getting my heart broken and crying like a baby and screaming and cussing like a fool. I’m sick of it but the change starts with me. Same men same results, I have to look beyond the box of men and take a look outside of it and give men that I normally wouldn’t talk to a chance.  The more I present myself as the kind of man I want I’m sure I will start to attract that…hopefully

Whats Next:

Continue to focus on the better and the happier and the passion part of me. Get more in tune with my daughter because lord knows she is a important part of my life. I pray for pure patience so that I can help her through her tough times.  I also have somethings that’s been on the back burner to long so its time to get that going. I’m going to write more because I feel so much better when I do.  I’m back and its past time to do me the right way 🙂 Thanks to you all who are still here with me

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