Happy Birthday my Son I Miss You

A tender 2 pounds and 6oz little boy born on February 11. 2004  3 months earlier. I named him Tyler Isaiah Miller  and he was and still is my angel. He truly saved my life in every way.  I was wild and had no respect for others let along myself and even with me being pregnant I was unemotional detached. There wasn’t a motherly bone in my body but yet there I was giving birth to my son.

Surprisingly it was love at first sight and a feeling I cant put into words. But in that moment I was holding a piece of heaven in my arms. He fought for one month and a day, to me it seemed so much longer. Going back and forth to see him an hour away at the hospital and crying every time I had to leave him there.

He passed away in my arms there is nothing more painful. I never got to bring him home because his home was not with me it was with God and I accepted that. I was able to enjoy the greatest gift and that was giving birth to my angel. Tyler I love you  Happy 8th Birthday. Thank you for preparing me to be the Mom I am to your sister and a better daughter,aunt and sister.

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