Hello Mr. Know it All

Oh how I love Kelly Clarkson‘s song Mr. Know it all I’m sure that most women have had that type of man in there life and this WAS mines.

Ok so I blurred his face but he knows.  This man was a thorn in my side for the longest. When I wanted him he wanted to play games and lie and now that I am so over it here he goes trying to pop back in life. Again.  Their was a time when I had no sense of when to let go and my love life became a revolving door. I allowed myself to be hurt over and over.

Trust if you let a person continue to walk in and out your life doing the same old mess they will keep coming back. I refuse to be that kind of woman and he claims that he has change and that is great for the next  he decides to be with.  I am grateful that I’m not that woman.

“A big part of letting go is recognizing when it is time to stay in a situation and when it is time to move on “- Darren L. Johnson

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2 thoughts on “Hello Mr. Know it All

  1. Excellent post & a reminder to all ladies!!
    Tempting as it is to “try again” it can take YEARS OF ENERGY WASTED, because he does the same old thing It was decent you blacked his face out, but “he knows who he is”.


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