Reconnect with Old Friends and Loved Ones

As we approach Thanksgiving I cant help but think about people that are not as close with their family as others. There is a number of reasons why we choose to distance ourselves from loved ones and old friends. I do have a few that I would love to reconnect with. We as humans let our pride get in the way and refuse to “be weak” and say I’m sorry or I miss you. Repairing relationships can be awkward especially when having to admit that you were wrong.

Reaching out to someone after years of silence is extremely tough but it is worth it. Make it a goal to revive and nurture old relationships that you may miss when you think about it. I’m in the mental process of reaching out to one of my best friends/cousin, we haven’t talked in years and it was all over a man.

I’m still living and breathing and so is she and if I never get the chance to tell her that I am sorry and that I miss her hmmm I just dont know. So I’m making that step and if she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me at least I know that I tried. I challenge you to that step also, make amends and toss those lingering tensions.


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