The Nerve of this Mom

I overheard a girl talking to her Mom I assume in a clothing store. The girl looked about 14 or 15 in the face she was heavy set. She was looking at jeans and all of a sudden her Mom told her to stop wasting time looking at jeans she cant fit. Then she told her if you lose some pounds maybe you could wear those. It hurt me so bad, and the girl kind of laughed a little. I know how it is to laugh to keep from crying. If you dont praise your child and let them know you love them no matter what, someone else will. Pray that it isn’t someone that will take advantage of them. Build up their self-esteem and worth so they wont go looking for love,understanding,respect etc in all the wrong places. I looked over at this young lady and told that she was beautiful and to embrace her curves. Self love is the best kind of love.


4 thoughts on “The Nerve of this Mom

  1. Thanks Lisa I was really hurt and angry to. In this day and age young girls go through so much when it comes to their appearance and what the media puts out their. You should always hear positive words from your family especially your mom.

  2. It happens more than you think. I remember my uncle telling my grandma that “Sara would be sobeautifulif she lost some weight. Super model pretty” me over hearing that made me mad and eat a whole lot more. Now years and years later I want to loose the weight. People shouldn’t say things like that

  3. I hate that you had to endure that Sara, You’re right people shouldn’t say things like that and It does happen a lot. I to struggle with my weight so I understand completely. I’m a emotional eater so it’s a huge challenge.

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