“Love Each Day” by Gail Holland -Book Review-

Inspiring and Thought Provoking are two words that best describe the book  “Love Each Day” by Gail Bernice Holland. Her book contains 40 true and inspirational stories that will make you laugh and cry. Stories of first love to helping kids in Africa to confronting a cheating husband. It makes you ask yourself what would you do or what is it that you really value in life and is it that important. “Love Each Day” is a powerful meaning it’s self. To love each day regardless of the outcomes in it learn the lesson from. If you are looking for a book that will guide you to find the joy and love in your life through then “Love Each Day” is definitely for you. I’m a Mom and some of the stories I read to my six year old and we had very open discussions about how she felt about them.  This book could be a great learning tool for certain ages. I highly recommend it!! “Single Southern Mommy” Approved

Read excerpts of: “Love Each Day”  Here

Learn more about the author in this audio interview with “Inside Live Scoop” Interview with Gail Holland

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