When Down and Out. Don’t turn on Yourself


My Daughter My Voice of Reason


So many times I’ve felt as if my life was spinning out of control and I wasn’t where I was suppose to be. Maybe I should say I wasn’t where I really wanted to be. Do you know that feeling that flows deep in you that eats at your pride and could very well take over you, only if you let it. To think or feel less than is so poisonous and you will become your worst enemy. I know for a fact that nobody has put me down more than me. This reverse psychology  does not work. You think if you tell yourself enough that you are a failure or you’re not doing your best that it will push you to do better. WRONG!
I learned that the hard way and it all became so clear to me one morning. I was with my wonderful daughter and I was about to do my yoga and I was looking in the mirror and I told myself “Shanae you need to get it together” and my daughter came up to me holding my leg and looking at me through the same mirror, she said’ I love this mama of mines no matter what”; Dont you love her mama?  Apart of me wanted to cry. She looks at me and loves me for me and I look at myself negatively constantly. My point is this, putting yourself down in any situation weather it’s your weight or goals you haven’t reached yet or for still being single etc. Accepting ourselves for all faults and flaws is more powerful than you think. Take the time to think about the positive things about yourself, we are guilty at times for not giving ourselves the credit we deserve.  So when down and out and you turn on yourself, take some time to be along and build yourself up instead of doing the opposite.

Get a paper and write the good things about you and what makes you special. Look at that paper every day if you have to and keep building yourself up. We are all human no one is perfect

Have daily affirmations. That’s so very important. Get your bible or search for positive quotes or scriptures that make you feel good and inspire you. 

Be positive and surround yourself with positive people.

If you are religious like myself Pray and I mean pray for guidance and understanding that only he can give you. You are where God wants and needs for you to be. Put your trust in him.

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