Being a parent has taught me so…

   Being a parent has taught me so much but the most valuable        lesson for me is “Being Patient” Kids are just that kids. They need  use to guide them and teach them and that becomes a hard task    when patience isn’t involved. 

 My daughter who is 6 years old gives me a hard time when were 6 doing her homework. Tempers flare and I get upset which makes  her upset and then nothings really gets done.  I notice that if I  take a deep breath and compose myself, she follows my lead. 

Our kids watch us and they are lead by our examples and behaviors good or bad. Be patient and take your time, be quick to praise  and slow to scorn them. Some parents abuse there authority, a true parent can admit their wrongs and faults to their kids. 

My patience is tested everyday and I’m learning to tackle those moments I would usually lose my cool with ease.  So here are a few things to think about the next time you feel the urge to lose it.

Take a break and breath– When you get back to the situation with a clearer mind it will be so much better and beneficial. 

Remember that he/she is a child-They are still growing and learning so dont expect the same results you would hold your peers to. Yes you know that “3” is backwards and they should write things straight, but they are kids and it takes time. They will get it.

Slow down– Take your time with them and dont rush. When they see you genuinely want to help or be with them it’s worth so much more to a child. Nothing worse than knowing a person just wants to hurry up so they can get away from you, this applies to everyone not just kids.

Watch your tone-You can instantly tell the kind of mood someone is in by there tone. I can recall times I discouraged my daughter from even asking me anything just by the tone I answered her in. Kids pick up these things dont be fooled “They know” So just be aware of how you speak.

Last but certainly not less enjoy your kids and the time that you have, Life is so precious dont sweat the little stuff

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