Do you have Balance?

Balance in my life is a foreign language that I cant seem to understand. It’s to much time on one thing and not enough on another for me. I find myself being pulled in so many directions and pleasing everyone at the same time is impossible. Isn’t it? I hold my feelings of unhappiness and no appreciation shown to myself. That leaves me to do what has plagued me for years. “Emotional Eat” So now I’m in a full blown juggling act and at any given moment I will trip up and drop a ball. Will it be lack of attention to my daughter or maybe my family or pushing my passion aside to nurture someone else? The need for balance in one’s life is vital. I’m on the course to regaining mines and of course some will not like it and I have to be ok with that. So what keeps you balanced and focused?


One thought on “Do you have Balance?

  1. I’m right on this same wavelength with you, sis. I’ve been feeling vey off centered lately. Playing catch up, unable to relax, going going going going. I know the feelings I’ve been having are signs that I need to make some changes and slow things down. I’m at my best when I take care of me first, it’s just that that doesn’t come naturally to me.

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