About to turn in and sleep off the…

About to turn in and sleep off the events of my day, Between harassing phone calls and text messages and dont forget voice mails. So i’m left wondering about the actions of a scorned woman and yes I’ve been their before. But how far will a woman’s broken heart take her? Well I found myself on the receiving end of a scorned woman’s raft. She isn’t taking my relationship with her ex-boo very well so this has been a rather long and somewhat painful day. Let’s just say she was so mad and upset that she called the police and told them he got mad at her and took her house key SN: he was with me all day. I know what it feels like to be hurt by a man and to feel betrayed and sure payback wasn’t far from my mind and it’s natural but acting on it is a whole other ball game. How do you handle being hurt by someone you love?


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