And then there was 1

Well I’m down to one guy and tonight #1 made it very easy for me to choose. Well he ask me yesterday to take me out to eat today, so I was fine with that He called me an hour before the date and ask did I have any coupons for any restaurants in my city. What? Where we going to a fast food joint? I was upset but I let it slide. Then he dropped going to dinner all together and just go to the movies. Fine we went and he asked did I want popcorn and of course I did, hell I was hungry!

The nail in the coffin was him buying me a kids snack pack, a extra small popcorn and drink. I have no problem with getting what I want but dont ask me to go out with you and and try to cut corners and be cheap. I’m old fashion and some can call it what they want but I feel that if you ask a woman out then you should pay. If you want to go half than say it. I was beside myself on the way home, but I’m so happy to find this out now and not later. A cheap man isn’t just cheap with his money either. More than likely he comes up short in other areas and is a liar. I just dont have time for that mess. I’m feeling good about this and I’m just taking it one day at a time 🙂


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