1 down 2 to go

Well let me give you the latest on the backlash from my 3 date weekend. So I’ve had more than my share of awful dates in the past. I truly could write a book about that. Hmmm thats a thought, anyways, I had 3 wonderful dates and they all are great men and I’m attracted to them and could honestly see myself with either one. I’m not a player at all and I dont like to juggle men but I will not lie I’m kind of loving the attention 🙂

But I did tell date #3 that I just wanted to be friends last night, and apart of me will always wonder could he have been the one. My reasons for setting the friend line was of our distance so whats done is done there.

They have my hands full and a small getaway to the mountains are in the making with #2 🙂 #1 one has offered to take me away also! So what is a woman to do? I’m most definitely going to take my time and go
through with my eyes wide open. I’m not sure if I can take another heart break. I’m not only looking for a good man for me, he also has to be a good example of man for my daughter. With her lacking a male role model that is very important to me. So now I’m officially dating and starting a business and still a full-time mom. Can I get some more hours in a day please? lol


3 thoughts on “1 down 2 to go

  1. I know what that is like. Except I like to narrow it down to one asap… with my busy schedule I find it hard to juggle. Yes we need more hours in a day. Good luck with #1 & #2!

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