Racism, has your child experienced it?

Racism has your child experienced it?
So this morning while walking my daughter to her bus stop she asked me a heavy question. She wanted to know what was wrong with her color? Meaning the color of her skin of course and I to

ld her nothing and asked her why?. She said a girl on the bus told her that she would never be her friend with that color while point at her hand. My daughter is colored blind when it comes to skin color and it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter to her. Having this feeling that I failed her in some ways by not talking with her more on that topic. Now her feelings are hurt and I never want her to be ashame of being African-American

I should have told her that some people do and say bad things to others that are not like them and it goes beyond skin color. She’s just in kindergarten and a part of me has tried to protect her from certain things but its my job to prepare her. Their are parents out there that are raising their children to hate and it’s down right disgusting. Thats why I dont blame the child her parents are clearly allowing to blame. Has your child encountered racism? What would you do you?


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