Joy from the simplest things

Today I was down and feeling bad, it gets like that sometimes. You know when you just cant get out the rut and is feels like your hard work isn’t enough. As a single mom I find myself with my back against the wall. I get angry with the fact my daughter does not have the joy of having her father around like I did. Quickly I block those emotions out of my head, whats done is done I know it’s my job to be the best mom I can be.

Sitting and thinking where is the sliver lining? Where is this huge bomb that should go off in my head and make my life so meaningful? Well it did come but it wasn’t a bomb it was the sound of my daughter’s school bus. Yes the school bus. She ran into the house and hugged me and told me she loved me. So as I watched her make her after school snack of strawberries and whipped cream. Pure joy came over me. Something simple as a hug or kiss or knowing that someone cares is priceless. Take a step back from it all. The computer and cell phone etc. and think of the simplest things that will bring you joy no matter where you are in your life.

I’m truly happy to have had that moment today it let me know that I am doing just fine and my daughter appreciates me no matter what. This I already knew but its always good to be reminded.

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