New Blog New Me “Fresh Start”

So what made me start a whole new blog with a totally different perspective? Well my Twitter account was hacked then deleted 😦 Yes I freaked out and I was really upset. My followers and people I followed and what about my Klout?! In my eyes I felt that I lost a pretty solid following base and I was doomed. After whining for a few hours thinking  the absolute worse I had a “aha moment”.

This is my chance to reinvent myself from the ground up, honestly I wasnt using twitter in the manner that would benefit me or my ventures. I found myself following people just because they followed me. Why? I wonder what was I really doing on my social networks? I composed a list of my new goals for my business and improving my social media connections. Making a vow to better myself and interact with like minded people.

A whole new world

For the past 2 weeks as I build a new following  base its like a breath of fresh air. So many wonderful and inspirational people that are successful and witty.  I love it and Im learning which is what I lacked in the beginning. Im a blogger and a Mom why wasn’t I following other mom bloggers? Now Im taking advantage of what I can access at my finger tips. Pushing forward for the best and will not settle for less. In some ways I do feel like a gold fish in the ocean but nevertheless everyone at some point has been at this point. So it’s one day at a time.

With that said I am the “Single Southern Mommy” and this is my Fresh Start and my journey to greatness.

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